Alexa Rydell and Esmi Lee have been sent to check on your locked up cock and balls by the “Board of Dommes” that control your manhood. Your future as a man is depended on the report that they give. They have been instructed to tease you while you are in chastity. They need to watch your cock throb and rage against it’s steel cage. They need to see how much pre-cum dribbles out. If you respond well, they might unlock lock you and let you cum... if you respond poorly, they will give you a bad report and either your balls or your cock will be removed... As they tease you, they clearly get turned on by each other. Everything escalates until Alexa finally looks at Esmi and tells her she doesn’t care what happens to your balls. She just needs Esmi to get her off right then and there... They look at you and tell you to say goodbye to your balls (while a non-caring smile) then turn to each other and make out heavy. CHASTITY TEASE, EMASCULATION, TAKING BALLS, FISHNETS, LESBIANS, GIRLS KISSING, TEASE AND DENIAL, FEMDOM POV

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